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anchor The CESAM (Comité d’Études et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et Transports) :

A small legal precision is necessary about the CESAM.
A surveyor has no obligation whatsoever to join the list of experts "Recommended by" the CESAM in order to carry out a pre-insurance mission, a damage report, a claim adjustment or any other survey mission.

Remember that your insurance broker or your insurance company can assign a "CESAM" surveyor.
The expert is, above all, impartial and independent, and as the Competition Council states, a CESAM membership can lead to a suspicion about the impartiality of the surveyor member of the CESAM.

(Download the n° 09-D-01 decision made on January 12, 2009, relevant to the practices set by CESAM in the Marine Survey field for leisure boats.

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anchor Safety Equipment
The Surveyor can not engage his liability, nor can he act on behalf ot the "Affaires Maritimes" or any other administration.
He only can note what safety equipment is presented on the day the inspection is performed and its condition. However, we will provide you with a detailed list of the mandatory equipment that should be present on board depending on your flag and your sailing category (coastal, open waters...).

anchor Explanation on the Osmotic Phenomenon
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anchor Polyester Boat Building
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anchor Insurance
- A History of Marine Insurance (Read or Download here )
- Insurance Glossary (Read or Download here )

anchor Joint Report
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anchor The French Marine Administration (Affaires Maritimes)

anchor Customs and Boating
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anchor Registering a boat
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anchor Registering a SeaDoo, JetSkis and similar
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anchor Changing Homeport
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anchor Report a departure abroad (more thant 6 months)
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anchor Electricity :
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anchor Oil sample analysis:
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anchor Flow study:
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