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SEAVAL EXPERTISE performs marine surveys in fields such as commercial vessels, fishing, cruising industry and yachting, boat building or major refits/repairs.
The survey is a very important step in the buying or selling process, while repairs are performed on the ship, or should a claim arise, on behalf of a private person or an insurance company.


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The Importance of a Survey

- To provide advise and counsel in your decision making process and assist you validating it.
- To provide you with facts and specific points of interest that can be influencial in the buying process.
- To define the boat value for your Insurance.
- To evaluate damages and repair costs in case of event.
- To confirm your sayings in case of claims.

Expert Maritime

Our Surveyor Valérie Viot, a certified D.E.S Expertise Plaisance has sailed over 25 000 nautical miles on the Oceans and offers her experience and "minutie féminine"
Her field of expertise : sail and power boats less than 30 years of age, composite hulls up to 45 meters.
We make a commitment to respect the regulations and to supply precise quality reports.



Valérie Viot
Tel : + 33 (0)611.474.186       
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Valérie Viot, Membre du collège européen des experts maritimes et fluviaux

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