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New Boats Delivery :

Our Surveyor will maks sure the boat is delivered in accordance with the purchase order, checking specifically all options and accessories. He will also check the set up and good operational condition of all options and accessories and may also go on a sea trial with the boatyard representative, broker or seller.


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Project Management :

We will be present at each and every step of the work order you gave to ensure all is done according to your expectations.
We will intervene in all maintenance follow up, refit, upgrades or modifications, osmotic treatment etc.
The purpose of this is to make sure all the work performed was done in a state of the art way.
The work we will monitor can be of many kind : installing a generator, oil changes, hull paint, bottom paint, installing a bow thruster, stepping/unstepping a mast, etc.


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Osmotic Phenomeno / Osmotic treatment:

We have specialized in the preventive osmotic treatment, a subtle process that requires a frequent follow up with regards to meteorological and hygrometrical figures.
The humidity rate of the hull will be measured by means of a Sovereign moisture meter.
The drying time, the temperature and humidity control will be made so that the application of products is in accordance with the data sheet of the supplier, very important for the success of the treatment.

(See the Documentation)

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